On the Boat!

Paris was fun but it’s time to start cruising! We spend a few days in Paris doing the usual tourist stuff (Tour Eiffel, Sacre Coeur, Versailles, etc) but it is kind of nice to be in the country. We left Paris yesterday – our tickets said Paris-Bercy but Bercy was shut down so we had to lug our luggage 1Km to Gare de Lyon. That stupid duffel with our hiking stuff MUST weigh 50 lbs!

The Locaboat representative could not stop talking about our 12 week rental. In 11 year she said no one had every taken a boat for so long. The boat checkout was all in French but the gentleman spoke very slowly and we understood just about everything. Everything important anyhow. We decided to spent the night here in the marina to get settled. Walked to Joigny and had dinner in a nice little bistro in the old part of town. And the sunset was spectacular!

Two Weeks To Go!

With two weeks before we head to France we have the visitor roster filled out:

  • Francis/Emilie:            May 20 – May 27
  • Jackie/David/Emory:  June 1 – June 4
  • Richard Wylie:            June 4 – June 12
  • John/Christin:              June 27 – July 10
  • Emerson/Linda:          July 20 – July 27

The house hasn’t sold (we had a buyer but they backed out) so Richard (and Emerson) will have to do it without us!  And we have our “post boat” adventure (we will be in Europe for a month after we return the boat) planned:

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 4.01.23 PM.png

Our friends Jim and Leigh Anne will be joining us for this 12 day trek. Check out the trekking outfit’s pictures Trek Pics .

Canal Boat Itinerary

With just over four weeks before we leave for France we have a tentative itinerary for our summer adventure. We will be in Burgundy the entire time. Our plan has us doing about 1500 KM over 12 weeks. This sounds ambitious but works out to only 10 miles or so a day so should be doable. The side trip to Roanne (Leg 4) and the little jog north on the Saône (Leg 3) can be dropped if we are running behind.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.30.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.01.04 AM.png

And so far we have three visiting groups:

  • Francis and Emilie  (May 20-May 27, Leg 1)
  • Jackie, David, Emory (~May 31 – June 3, Leg 2)
  • John and Christin (June 27 – July 10, Leg 5)

So we still have spots open for anyone who wants to join us! Here is a summary of the nine sections (though I expect this to change somewhat):

  1. Joigny to Montbard :  May 20 to May 27, 110 Km, 53 Locks
  2. Montbard to Dijon:    May 28 to June 3,  109 Km, 118 Locks!
  3. Dijon to Chalon Sur Saône:  June 5 to June 14, 225 Km, 27 Locks
  4. Chalon Sur Saône to Decize:  June 15 to June 27, 293 Km, 96 Locks
  5. Decize to Auxerre :  June 28 to July 10, 182 Km, 120 Locks
  6. Auxerre to Moret-sur-Loing: July 11 to July 17, 120 Km, 27 Locks
  7. Moret-sur-Loing to Briare:  July 18 to July 23, 105 Km, 55 Locks
  8. Briare to Decize:  July 24 to July 30, 130 Km, 25 Locks
  9. Decize to Joigny: July 31 to Aug 12, 205 Km 129 Locks


45 Days to Departure

We are 45 days from our flight to Paris. The house is up for sale and we have our first showing this weekend. Our plan is to sell, have our estate sale and move everything we are keeping (mostly art and books) into storage before we leave. However…. if we don’t get an offer in the next four weeks we may have to rethink the plan.


417 Emerson Listing

We have our tickets, our extended stay visas and have begun coming up with a tentative sail plan. We need this because we have people planning on joining us at various points. Key dates are:

  • Sat, May 20:       Pick up boat                            Joigny
  • Fri, May 26:        Francis and Emily leave       Montbard
  • Sat, Jun 3:           Jackie et al arrive                   Pouilly en Auxois
  • Mon, Jun 5:         Jackie et al leave                     Dijon
  • Tue, Jun 27:         John/Christin arrive               Decize
  • Mon, Jul 10:         John/Christin  leave               Auxerre
  • Sat, Aug 12:         Leave boat                              Joigny



We finally selected a boat rental company (for a discussion of why we are renting versus buying – see our planning page Planning for France ). We decided to go with Locaboat, as they were the most responsive to our many questions.

After a lot of discussion we decided on the Penichette 1165FB – it was a little bigger than we absolutely needed but, since we plan on having lots of visitors over the course of the summer, we wanted a boat with two heads and two cabins.


The boat is located out of the Joigny Locaboat base on the river Yonne. Joigny is about 150 Km southeast of Paris.  In a later post I will describe in more detail where we will be cruising (or more accurately – where Locaboat will allow us to cruise).

We pick up the boat on May 20 and have to have it back by August 12. So we have the boat for 12 weeks. Total price was 26,000€ (about $27,500 at current exchange rates). This is about 330$/day. I’m sure we could have done it for less by going with a smaller agency and, clearly, this is a sizable fraction of what a used boat would have cost.