Oregon Coast Trail 2019

The OCT is a coastal trail that traverses the entire length of the Oregon Coast, from the mouth of the Columbia river to the California border just south of Brookings. The official length is 425 miles but according to Bonnie Henderson (who has written the definitive guide to the trail and has hiked it’s entire length) it is closer 377 hiking miles. Some of the confusion on length is due to the fact that the  trail is still not entirely complete. There are also several places where you can (possibly) get boat rides to bypass bay walks.

Currently there are about 45 miles of “gaps”, requiring road walks or hitches, and the trail does not have anywhere near the popularity of other big trails. The Appalachian Trail has 3-4,000 attempted thru-hikers every year (about 25% make it all the way) . The PCT (Pacific Crest trail) has fewer but still several thousand. I have been unable to find any equivalent stats for the OCT but my guess is it is less than 100.

Official Oregon Coast Trail Site

Hiking the OCT (Bonnie Henderson)

OCT 2019 Blog Posts:


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