We finally selected a boat rental company (for a discussion of why we are renting versus buying – see our planning page Planning for France ). We decided to go with Locaboat, as they were the most responsive to our many questions.

After a lot of discussion we decided on the Penichette 1165FB – it was a little bigger than we absolutely needed but, since we plan on having lots of visitors over the course of the summer, we wanted a boat with two heads and two cabins.


The boat is located out of the Joigny Locaboat base on the river Yonne. Joigny is about 150 Km southeast of Paris.  In a later post I will describe in more detail where we will be cruising (or more accurately – where Locaboat will allow us to cruise).

We pick up the boat on May 20 and have to have it back by August 12. So we have the boat for 12 weeks. Total price was 26,000€ (about $27,500 at current exchange rates). This is about 330$/day. I’m sure we could have done it for less by going with a smaller agency and, clearly, this is a sizable fraction of what a used boat would have cost.


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