Lone Star Trail – Jan 2022

LoneStar hiking Trail Map
Lone Star Trail

Getting back on the trail! After doing a bit of research for winter thru-hikes I stumbled on the Lone Star Trail, “the longest, continuously marked and maintained path in Texas.” Just under 100 miles it is short compared to most thru-hikes. And, a quick aside, while Texans like to brag about having the biggest (Alaska?) and best they don’t even make it the top ten when it comes to hiking trails. Heck, even little Vermont has a more celebrated trail (The Long Trail, 272 miles).

But, it is close (only 90 minutes north of Houston) and it is definitely a winter hike (if the weather is good) that does not require heavy winter gear so…


The trail runs east-west through the Sam Houston National Forest, skirting north of Lake Conroe. It is nominally 96.5 miles long and I plan to spend five and a half days going west to east in late January, 2022.

Lone Star Trail, Day 1-2

Lone Star Trail, Day 3-4

Lone Star Trail, Days 5-6


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