Atlas Mountains, Morocco (May 2023)

View of Mt. Toubkal from Imlil

As we were preparing to head overseas for the summer our hiking buddies, Joe and Claire contacted us and asked if we would like to join them for a 5 day hike in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco including a climb of Mt Toubkal. Why sure.

Even though it is just north of the Sahara Desert there can be snow on the upper reaches of the mountain even into May and temperatures can be below freezing at night.

We contacted the travel agent arranging the trip but have had no direct contact with the guide before heading to Morocco (all hikers in Toubkal National Park have to have a local guide).

Toubkal National Park

Mt Toubkal – Day 1

Mt Toubkal – Day 2

Mt Toubkal – Day 3

Mt Toubkal – Day 4 – Summit Day!

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