On the Boat!

Paris was fun but it’s time to start cruising! We spend a few days in Paris doing the usual tourist stuff (Tour Eiffel, Sacre Coeur, Versailles, etc) but it is kind of nice to be in the country. We left Paris yesterday – our tickets said Paris-Bercy but Bercy was shut down so we had to lug our luggage 1Km to Gare de Lyon. That stupid duffel with our hiking stuff MUST weigh 50 lbs!

The Locaboat representative could not stop talking about our 12 week rental. In 11 year she said no one had every taken a boat for so long. The boat checkout was all in French but the gentleman spoke very slowly and we understood just about everything. Everything important anyhow. We decided to spent the night here in the marina to get settled. Walked to Joigny and had dinner in a nice little bistro in the old part of town. And the sunset was spectacular!

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