Tour du Mount Blanc – 2021

Traditional route for the “Tour du Mont Blanc”

After a year and half of a travel-restricted pandemic we are headed back to Europe for a short (~3 week) visit. We plan to spend a week or so in St-Jean-de-Losne where our boat (see Buying a Boat in France) is currently “on the hard” having some hull repairs being done before being painted. After that we head to Geneva to hook up with some friends to do the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB)


The traditional route for the TMB is shown above. It is a 110 mile hiking trail that circumnavigates Mont Blanc, travelling through France, Italy and Switzerland. Most of the route is on mountain trails but there are 20 miles or so of road walking.

We are doing a guided hike with MT Sobek. They provide two guides and all the logistical support (hotel/hostel reservations, baggage transfers, etc.) so all we have do carry is what we need for the day. And no camping! Their route also bypasses some of the longer road walks so we will be hiking around 90 miles. The highest point on the route is only about 8,800 feet.

We arrive in Chamonix on August 11 but don’t start the hike until the 13th. 

1ChamonixLes Hoches102,000
2Les HochesLes Contamines102,500
3Les ContaminesLes Chapieux124,200
4Les ChapieuxCourmayeur102,300
5CourmayeurLa Vachey82,500
6La VacheyChampex92,500
7ChampexCol de Forciaz122,400
Our hiking plan.

According to MT Sobek we will be staying in “charming accommodations in alpine towns and villages, featuring comfortable rooms, on-site restaurants, and stellar vistas of surrounding scenery.” Which sounds much nicer than mountain huts or tents.

TMB Days 0-3

TMB Day 4-6

TMB Days 7-9

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