Pinhoti Trail (Mar 2023)

Planned route. Pinhoti Trail (Blue) and the Benton MacKaye Trail (Red)


Plan Update

I have decided to only do the Pinhoti Trail (and the short section of the Benton MacKaye Trail to reach a trail head. This will shorten my hike from 6 weeks to 4 weeks.


For my Spring adventure I have selected a combined Pinhoti/Benton Mackaye Trail thru-hike. The Pinhoti Trail (PT) starts about 30 miles southeast of Birmingham Alabama and wanders northeast for 337 miles before terminating at the the Benton Mackaye Trail (BMT).

Pinhoti Trail

From where the PT hits the BMT (mile 72 of the BMT) I will continue north for another 200 miles or so through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to the northern terminus of the BMT.

Benton Mckaye Trail

If I keep to my plan I will pass through four states: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. This PT is a relatively new trail (it was officially opened in 2008). The BMT is slightly older (it opened in 2005). Approximately 6o miles of the PT is on paved roads (mostly in Georgia) so I may elect to hitch some that. The BMT is nearly all mountain trails.

Trail Plan

PT 0 to PT 60.0

PT 60 to PT 113

PT 113 to PT 190

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