Two Weeks To Go!

With two weeks before we head to France we have the visitor roster filled out:

  • Francis/Emilie:            May 20 – May 27
  • Jackie/David/Emory:  June 1 – June 4
  • Richard Wylie:            June 4 – June 12
  • John/Christin:              June 27 – July 10
  • Emerson/Linda:          July 20 – July 27

The house hasn’t sold (we had a buyer but they backed out) so Richard (and Emerson) will have to do it without us!  And we have our “post boat” adventure (we will be in Europe for a month after we return the boat) planned:

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 4.01.23 PM.png

Our friends Jim and Leigh Anne will be joining us for this 12 day trek. Check out the trekking outfit’s pictures Trek Pics .

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