45 Days to Departure

We are 45 days from our flight to Paris. The house is up for sale and we have our first showing this weekend. Our plan is to sell, have our estate sale and move everything we are keeping (mostly art and books) into storage before we leave. However…. if we don’t get an offer in the next four weeks we may have to rethink the plan.


417 Emerson Listing

We have our tickets, our extended stay visas and have begun coming up with a tentative sail plan. We need this because we have people planning on joining us at various points. Key dates are:

  • Sat, May 20:       Pick up boat                            Joigny
  • Fri, May 26:        Francis and Emily leave       Montbard
  • Sat, Jun 3:           Jackie et al arrive                   Pouilly en Auxois
  • Mon, Jun 5:         Jackie et al leave                     Dijon
  • Tue, Jun 27:         John/Christin arrive               Decize
  • Mon, Jul 10:         John/Christin  leave               Auxerre
  • Sat, Aug 12:         Leave boat                              Joigny


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