Cruising in France

After spending a summer on a canal boat in France (France 2017) we decided we liked it enough to spend the next five or six summers repeating the experience. Since renting a boat every summer doesn’t make a lot of sense financially we started looking for a boat to purchase.  This page and the associated posts will detail our adventures in boat ownership in France.

Decize in August 2019


We Bought a Boat!! (Jan 2020)

Decize Update… (Oct 2020)

Back in France! (Aug 2021)

France Long Stay Visa …. (Feb 2022)

Lists, Lists, Lists and Boxes (May 2022)

Two weeks, no motor, new bikes and the hunt for the elusive martini glass!

Finally Cruising!

Shakedown Cruise Complete!

A Week with the Kids!

North on the Saône

Heading Back South

A Break from Cruising to….. Cruise!

Last week on the boat … with friends

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