Fun with Jackie and David

We picked up Jackie, David and Emory at Pont d’Oche on Friday afternoon and will be depositing them in Dijon this afternoon where we plan to pick up Richard Wylie. We’ve had a lovely visit – Emory is a bast. And David turned out to be a natural any the helm freeing me up to do Capainy stuff… like nap.

David at the helm, in the rain!

Yesterday was our first rain day. We stopped for lunch in Gissey-sur-Oche after telling the lock keeper we would be at the next lock at 1:30. 1:30 found us in a lovely little restaurant eating dessert and waiting out the rain when the lock keeper, in full rain gear, dripping wet, showed up looking for us! 2:30 we promised. And it was still raining. This was our first section in the rain and it is definitely not as much fun as when the sun is out.


We arrived in Fleurey-su-Oche around 6:00 and decided to eat on the boat rather than get even wetter. Leftover pizza and chocolate (and wine, of course). Hoping for sun today!

Fleurey Anchorage
Bray Sur Somme moored in  Fleurey-Sur-Somme

And we saw our first snake, spotted by eagle-eye Jackie. Not sure what kind.

French snake, looking for a baguette.

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