New Crew!

Sad to see Jackie, David and Emory leave but Richard is with us! Jackie and David had a little trouble getting to the train station because there was a fair going on at the marina ….. with rides!!! And Emory wasn’t about to pass a merry-go-round without riding it. Three times.

Saying goodbye to Jackie and Emory

And Richard Wylie showed up so we didn’t have time to get sad.

New crew ready for a hard day of cruising

Had our first real lock hiccup in Plombieres-les-Dijon after lunch…. no lock keeper. Finally called the posted number…”Parley-vous angles?”…”Non”… okay… explained that we were waiting at lock 50 and “il n’y a pas d’ecluisier..”. Waited for about an hour and they finally showed. After 171 locks this was our first real wait. And it was a Sunday, as a couple of elderly women watching at the lock explained to me.

Leaving the bucolic countryside and heading into Dijon
Sunset over Dijon

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