Barging with the big boys

Some excitement today. After returning  from our hike up the hill to the castle at Chateauneuf we found our boat, which we had staked out quite nicely (we thought) had been re-staked. We suspected we had come loose and a passing Good Samaritan had re-staked us, using one of our umbrella stands because we clearly had lost one of our stakes. Fortunately we had a spare.

Chateauneuf 2
View of Chateauneuf as we hiked up.
Mooring Chateauneuf
Our nicely (we thought) moored boat.

A few hours later, as we were cleaning the boat in anticipation of Jackie, David and Emory joining us tomorrow – we looked up to see a large hotel barge (it filled the windows – it was huge!) passing by. It lifted our boat at least a foot – maybe two – and we  pulled out both stakes floating us sideways across the canal before we could react. Roberta jumped to the helm and started the engine while I gingerly retrieved our lines (and stakes – we did not lose either) and we re-moored. So now we know how it happens but don’t have a good solution for avoiding it in the future. At least we don’t have to worry about it happening at night – the locks are closed so no boat traffic.

On a completely unrelated topic – one of our Facebook friends, Ken Ellis,  posted a link to a story about a little crushed man behind the remains of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Church of the Jacobins. Today, at the church in Chateauneuf we saw something similar- not sure what it means.

Virgin 1
Statue of the Virgin in the church in Chateauneuf
Virgin 2
Squished man under the Virgin’s foot!

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