Done!!!! Santiago de Compostela (Day 34)

Day 34 (Oct 19): A Rúa to Santiago de Compostela, 20 km, 782 km

Our 34th and last day on the trail started with rain which continued off and on for most of the day.


Leigh Ann is still experiencing a lot of pain in her right shin but…. after 33 days we have decided we will stay together all day. But we are moving much slower on this 12.5 mile day so decide to not stop till we get to the cathedral in Santiago.

Wet hikers coming into Santiago

There are a lot of hikers on the trail today, not only the long-haulers like us and the folks who started in Saria doing the last 100 km but people who started just out of town. And we are all headed for the same place…. the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela!

We did it!

And a view of the cathedral with pilgrims arrayed on the plaza… and the rain has stopped (briefly).

Pilgrims and the cathedral.

After toasting finishing with some large beers…

Celebratory beers.

… we headed to the Pilgrims Office to get our official completion certificates (our Compostelas ).

It’s official.

So… after 780 km (485 miles), 34 days, countless sore muscles, blisters, “pilgrim” menus, supportive fellow pilgrims, great travelling companions, countless churches and helpful townspeople is over it is time to say goodbye to my trusty crocs.

Goodbye to my trusty crocs!

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