Halfway!!!! (Days 16-18)

We enter a new month and from Fromisto we start a string of relatively short days. Since our 34 day plan has no rest days, our third week on the Camino will be our recovery week.

1610/1FromistaCarrion de los Condes13.0229.8
1710/2Carrion de los CondesCalzadilla de la Cueza10.0239.8
1810/3Calzadilla de la CuezaSahagún13.8253.6
1910/4SahagúnEl Burgo Ranero10.7264.3
2010/5El Burgo RaneroMansilla de las Mulas11.7276.0
2110/6Mansilla de las MulasLeon11.8287.8
2210/7LeonVillar de Mazariffe12.6300.4
Our Next Week
Day 16 (Oct 1): Fromista to Carrion de los Condes, 21 Km, 370 Km

Another beautiful day on the Camino. Had breakfast at the hotel and headed out (along with a herd of hikers) onto the Camino for a short, 13 mile, hike to Carrion de los Condes. And you never know what you’re going to see…

Soon after the giant hand we passed a 13th century hermitage, the Ermita de San Miguel.

San Miguel

We stopped for lunch in Villalcazar de Sirga and visited the Iglesia Santa Maria la Blanca. The church has Templar roots, the last three templar knights associated with the church were removed in the Templar purge of the early 1300’s.

Iglesia Santa Maria la Blanca

Nearing our day’s destination…

Nearly there… or not!
A cool mosaic on the way into town..

And …. our home for the night…

Day 17 (Oct 2): Carrion de los Condes to Calzadilla de la Cueza, 16 Km, 386 Km

A 16 km (10 mile) day!!!! This is our shortest day so far and is basically a rest day for us. And today marks the halfway point in time (though not in distance – we pass that milestone tomorrow). It is a short, straight, hot (no shade) walk across the Meseta.

Just walking…

The day is so short that we end up eating our lunch in our destination. This also gives us all afternoon to catch up on laundry and do some equipment maintenance. About 5 miles in we stumbled upon some enterprising fellow with a food truck (and coffee!).


And more strangeness along the trail…

Day 18 (Oct 3): Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagún, 22 Km, 408 Km

A little longer day so, because breakfast was served unusually early, we were able to get out before sunrise for our earliest start of the hike, 6:50. This is nice because it has warmed up a bit (50 at sunrise rising to 80 in the afternoon).

Togging down at sunrise.

And it was another flat day on the Meseta.

On the Meseta

But today was special as hit the official halfway monument just outside of our destination in Sahagún.

The “Centro Geographico del Camino”

And of course we had to get our official halfway certificates (3€ at the Sahagun tourist office).

It’s official!
Happy Pilgrims

We arrived in Sahagun a bit after noon and we were so hungry we overdid it a bit for lunch. We ordered so much food they had to bring extra tables.

A pilgrims lunch – too much!

And tomorrow begins the second half of the adventure.

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