Two Days on the Meseta (Days 14, 15)

Day 14 (Sep 29): Hornillos to Castrojeriz, 20 Km, 324 Km

Big day as we passed he 200 mile mark on our slow march across the north of Spain. Today was a short day (12.5 miles or so) so we had breakfast in the hotel before heading out. This is our first full day on the Meseta.

Pretty view on the Meseta

We stopped for lunch in a little town (Rabé de las Calzadas). This is usually what we do – either breakfast and lunch (on longer days) or just lunch on the trail.

Heading into town.

A nice thing about the Camino is the response from the locals. Everyone smiles and says “Buen Camino” when they see you. And each little town we pass through has a wonderful church, usually from the 15th century or before.

Near the end of the day we passed through the ruins of a church/convent that used to service perigrinos.

And, after 13 miles or so our destination, Castrojeriz came into view. The town is known for the ruins of the castle on the hill.

Our home for the night.
And we had an escort – all the way to our hotel.

After getting cleaned up we decided to hike up the castle.

The castle was built originally in the 9th century. That’s right, the 800’s. It was expanded over the centuries and was destroyed in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. The views from the top were stunning.

View looking southeast.
View looking east.
View looking northeast.
A couple of tired pilgrims
Day 15 (Sep 30): Castrojeriz to Fromista, 25 Km, 349 Km

A bit longer day so we started before sunrise, skipping breakfast at the hotel and hiking by 7:00.

An early morning climb

On these early morning we usually try to find a place for coffee and breakfast after 5 or 6 miles (2 hours) and, so far, have been pretty succesful.

The trail goes on…

And, as usual, we had nice views of the Meseta as we hiked along with hundreds of other pilgrims.

Town in the distance …. lunch??

The temperature in the mornings are in the low 40’s (41 this morning) but warm up into the 60’s by mid afternoon making for perfect hiking.

We visited the deconsecrated 12th century church (and the active church) in Fromista.

Fromista church (Iglesa de San Martin)

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