35 Miles in Two Days (Days 7 and 8)

After four relatively short (20-24 km) days we had our first long (~30KM or longer) days on the Camino in quick succession.

Day 7 (Sep 22): Los Arcos to Logroño, 27.8 Km, 160.8 Km (Total)

We elected to skip the hotel breakfast to get a jump on the day. We had our headlamps on as we headed out of town as the sun slowly rose behind us. It was cool (40’s) but lovely.

Daily Selfie

Everyone felt good and we had 11 miles down before lunch. It was a little cooler today which helps.

Walking toward lunch in Viana
A pilgrim shrine of sorts.

The last few miles in the heat are always the hardest but, with our early start, we managed to stumble into Logroño around 3:30 (though Jim and Leigh Ann had to hike another 10 minutes to their hotel). And we entered a new autonomous region today (La Rioja) which has different trail markers.

Trial markers near Lagroño

Unfortunately the cathedral in Logroño was not open but we managed to find a place that served wine just in front so we had a nice view.

The Concatredal de Santa Maria de la Redonda in Legroño
Day 8 (Sep 23): Logroño to Najero, 29.4 Km, 190 Km (Total)

Another early start with headlamps as we headed out of Logroño in the dark. We grabbed a coffee and a roll at a pandaria as we headed out of town.

People in the towns are quick to point the way when you wander off the Camino and lots of people say “Buen Camino!” as you pass.

The altar in the Parroquia Santa Maria de la Asuncion in Navarette

We stopped in Navarette for a coffee and dropped into the church which had an amazing altar. I also got a pilgrim stamp here. Then on to Ventosa and lunch.

Heading in Ventosa

Our system on long days of walking 5-6 miles to coffee and then another 5-6 miles to lunch seems to work well. After lunch there is only another 2-3 hours of walking.

And the next few days promise to be both cooler and shorter which will be a nice change.

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