First Week in Spain (Day 2-6)

Okay, the rain in Spain does not mainly fall on the plain. Either that or we are not near any plains. Our first six days in Spain have been sunny and warm. The days usually start in the high 40’s and slowly ramp up to the low 80’s by mid-afternoon.

Day 2: Roncevalles to Zubri, 21.2 Km (Day), 45.9 Km (Total)

Our first Camino hotel was nice – private rooms and bathrooms – so we are very happy. Everyone is a bit sore from yesterdays big climb but we are all moving well as we head out after breakfast.

Intrepid hiker ready for the day!

This is a short day (as are the next three or four) which is nice since there are no rest days on our schedule.

View on day 2

We had nice views today but nothing like yesterday’s stunning vistas. And we have noticed that a lot of the signs appear to be in Basque instead of Spanish.

Basque Sign (Common Toilets)

And we ended our day soaking our feet in the Rio Arga.

Rio Arga
Day 3: Zubri to Pamplona, 20.7 Km (Day), 66.6 Km (Total) 66.6

Another pretty easy day as we get our bodies to slowly adjust to a life on the trail (admittedly a pretty plush life with hotels every night).

Today’s 13 mile hike ended in the city of Pamplona. We took the advice of a gentleman we met on the trail who recommended the “River Route” into town rather than the standard route. He was right – it was shady and lovely as we followed the Rio Arga into town.

A brief stop on the way into Pamplona

Pamplona is a big city and we only got to see a little bit of it but the Pamplona Cathedral was very near our hotel so we visited it.

Day 4: Pamplona to Puenta la Reina, 23.3 Km , 89.9 Km (Total)

Today has our first climb since coming over the Pyrenees on day 1. Out of Pamplona we slowly ascend to Alto del Perdon (750m), a climb of about 1000 feet over 12 km or so.

Hiking out of Pamplona

Another lovely day that started cool (48 degrees) and slowly warmed up to the low 80’s.

Near the top – Pamplona in the background.
At the top!

The rest of the day is a gentle descent to our hotel in Puenta la Reina.

Our home for the night.
Day 5: Puenta la Reina to Estella, 21.9 Km , 111.8 Km (Total)

Big day as we past the first 100 km mark. Another warm day with no big climbs.

100M and still smiling!

We walk through rolling farmland punctuated but pretty little medieval towns.

Pilgrim art

And the churches! We see churches all day. Today we passed a church that held the oldest christian iconography in Spain (it has since been removed to a museum).

Interior of a church built in the 10th century.

We pass clusters of hikers and there are usually several small groups in sight as we hike but it never feels crowded.

Just a couple of hikers.

We finally arrived in Estella but our hotel was 1.5 km from the Camino so we had a nice stroll through town.

Impressive building in Estella
Day 6: Estella to Los Arcos, 21.3 Km , 133.1 Km (Total)

Our last easy (14 miles or so) for a while so we enjoyed it!

Another lovely day…

Los Arcos is named in honor of a battle won by the town’s archers. Pretty little town with a lovely church.

Church in Los Arcos (Iglesias de Santa Maria)

Tomorrow is our first 17+ mile day so we plan to start early, before sunrise, to beat the heat of the late afternoon.

Day 6 Selfie!

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