Kayak #5, Greens Bayou, May 14, 2020

To get to Green’s Bayou in far east Houston I left my bike at home and took the kayak and trailer on Metro Rail north to the final stop and started hiking east along Crosstimber Road. After 10 miles or so I arrived at a bridge over Greens Bayou (Ley Road)  where I had heard I could gain access to the bayou:


Right.  After 20 minutes of bushwalking through steep brambles I managed to get to a spot where I could inflate my kayak and drop down to the water.

A flatish spot under the bridge where I could inflate the kayak.

Greens Bayou is the wildest of the Houston Bayous. It is wide, deep and has lots of wildlife as it winds it’s way south to join Buffalo Bayou about five miles west of north Galveston Bay. I saw two alligators – did not get a picture of the second one as I was too busy paddling away!

One of the two alligators I saw…. the other one was a LOT bigger.

And, while it was quite a bit more bucolic than Buffalo Bayou, there was still the odd bit of urban junk in the water.

Weird bit of junk floating in the bayou

And there was no current – it was like paddling in a lake.

Wide, deep and no current.
Detritus from a past flood.
Old dock – no way to get out here.

I kayaked about five miles and was just beginning to think about looking for a pull-out when I passed a tiny little side channel. When I went up it to explore I found myself at an “official”  access point in Strickland Park. Of course there were no signs on the bayou so I found it purely by chance.

Lovely pull-out spot. No mud! No brambles!

And I enjoyed a snack waiting for my lovely wife to come pick me up. No more hiking today!

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