Kayak #4, Buffalo Bayou, Hwy 6 to West Belt, May 11, 2020

My biggest bike/hike/kayak trip yet was to far west Houston.  I left my bike at the beltway and hiked west to Hwy 6 where I managed, with some difficulty, to get the kayak into the water where I discovered that the water was only a few inches deep.  For the next mile or so I had to hop out out every 100 feet and drag my kayak over logs, rocks and shallows.

Bike locked and ready to hike west to Highway 6.
Another log!
Dragging through the shallows
And over rocks.

Slowly, as side channels added more water, the depth increased and the portaging sections got farther apart.

Deeper water…finally!!
Pretty section of the bayou
Bayou waterfall!
Tree roots – obviously the water is higher sometimes.

The bayou had a lot of obstructions which generated some small rapids in a few places which added a bit of excitement and fun to what was, at the beginning, a real slog.

Following an egret east.

Got back to my bike after 6 or 7 miles of bayou kayaking where I began a long ride home.

Pull-out spot under the West Belt. Time to start biking home.


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