Kayak #2, Braes Bayou, MacGregor Park to Buffalo Bayou, May 2, 2020

For my second kayak trip I used my new bike trailer to bike down to MacGregor Park where I left my bike and started kayaking Braes Bayou east.  Braes Bayou is “channelized” west of here but from here east it is quite natural.

Put-in spot near Macgregor Park
Fairly clean water but some debris
Pretty spot

At one point I took a side channel through a culver.

Side channel


Pretty wild on the other side of the tunnel

I saw a little wildlife, mostly turtles and birds.

Some birds
Fishing bird

As the bayou nears Buffalo Bayou (within a mile or so) it opens up and becomes more industrial.

Working boat near Buffalo Bayou
Working barge about 1/2 mile from Buffalo Bayou

At this point I decided things were getting too commercial so I turned around and found a pull out spot in Mason Park.

Pull out spot in Mason Park

I packed up the kayak and humped back to my bike in Macgregor Park.

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