Kayak #1, Buffalo Bayou, 610 to Downtown, April 30, 2020

For my first  test of my inflatable Kayak I hiked to Buffalo Bayou and the West Loop (610). Things got off to a rocky start when I slipped and fell in the mud trying to get the kayak into the water. My first lesson on kayaking Houston Bayous – access is often problematic.

The Galleria from the bayou
Going under the loop


I saw numerous birds. I saw the largest woodpecker I’ve ever seen with a bright red head (but, unfortunately did not get a picture). And turtles. Lot and lots of turtles.

Bird in flight…
… and posing.
Big turtle watching me

I was pretty pleased with the kayak. The five mile or so hike was not great – the kayak hip belt rides too high and, since the back is frameless,  you carry all the weight on your shoulders. Five or 6 miles is probably the limit for carrying it.

The requisite selfie!

I paddled into downtown and then back against the current (which isn’t much) to get to a pullout point just west of the Sabine Bridge.

Pullout point

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