The Cow-lorado Trail, Snow and More Great Views!

Stunning views….

This last section was relatively short – only 55 miles or so but lots of big climbs. I got a ride back to the trail from a retired postal worker named Tom and started hiking in a light drizzle, which pretty much set the tone for this section – lots of rain/hail and snow. And cows. This was definitely the cow-iest section…

Yeah…. I’m watching you…
Just Impy and the cows…. and the trail heading off into the distance.
Hmmmm…. I’m guessing cow. And why exactly to I have to bury MY poop?

With 128 miles to go, I have climbed 66,500 feet of Colorado Rockies. I have completed 21 of 28 segments (segments are how the Colorado Trail is organised). My shortest (not a town) day was in this section, 12.5 miles but over 4,000′ of climbing which completely wiped me out. Turns out stopping early (2:00 PM) was smart because the rain/hail started about 30 minutes after I got my tent up.

This was also the most scenic section so far, when the sun was out!

And my first brush (literally) with snow (thank God my wool socks still insulate when soaking wet!).

A cold, wet Impy going over San Luis Pass.
San Luis Pass (Mt San Luis behind). Not a good day for Impy to summit San Luis!
Snow on the trail. Cold, wet snow.

But I am currently cozy in Lake City planning the next section, to Silverton, another relatively short section (~ 55 miles).

Hiker hotel room…. everything out for cleaning/drying. Hotels LOVE hikers!

And the biggest cairn I’ve ever seen!

Not sure what the point of a 7’ cairn is but….impressive!

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