300 Miles and Great Views

The hitch into Gunnison (where I am now, CT 302) was tough. After about an hour I got picked up by Dave, 68, from Wisconsin. He was headed to Gunnison for a blind date and spent the entire trip (38 miles) talking about his passion, pack burro racing. The official summer sport of Colorado. Seriously. YouTube has some videos – it’s a real sport.

Dave’s dashboard…. Pack Burro Racing!!
Impy trying to hitch to Gunnison…. tough!

This was my second hitch (I got a short hitch out of Mount Princeton Hot Springs on a road with NO shoulder) and both guys were from Wisconsin. Weird.

This section was tough, steep climbs and outstanding views. And, after 300 miles, some of my equipment is starting to show some wear. I’ve lost one hiking pole tip, have one broken tent pole and my Crocs have almost no tread anymore.

Stunning views…

And saw the usual wildlife. Still no bears…

Probably the most common animal on the trail…. cows.

And here’s a window into a typical morning…. breakfast in bed (well, sleeping bag), coffee and ding dongs!

And I met more hikers, Garrett, a northbound CT hiker, Blue Suit, my first CDT (Continental Divide Trail) hiker and Siesta, another southbound CT hiker.

Impy and Garrett at the pass where the Collegiate East and West trails rejoin.

My next trail town is Lake City after a relatively short section (~60 miles) which is also supposed to be a tough hitch. Of course.

I have hiked 302 miles, finished 17 of 26 segments, and climbed more than 56,000 feet. Hiking in Crocs has gotten me a lot of stares but has eliminated my blisters. And hiker hunger has kicked in. I finished off a large pizza last night. By myself.

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