400 Miles, High Point and Goodby CDT!

Some big milestones in this last section. I passed the 400 miles mark (currently at CT 411), the high point of the trail (13,271 feet) and, after 300 odd miles of being concurrent with the Continental Divide Trail (CDT), the two parted ways.

The high point of the CT. Yes!
400 Miles! Starting to feel like I might finish this thing.
The CT and CDT part ways.

And I know I keep saying this…but… the views in this section were unbelievable. Most of this section was over 12,000 with some seriously tough climbs (I know, I also say that every post).

Just a sampling of the stunning views.

And did not meet any thru-hikers in this section but did meet several nice segment hikers. And a very nice couple that picked me up when I was hitching into Silverton. They were on vacation from Italy.

Pretty place to hitchhike. Molas Pass.
Floral and Fabio from Italy. My ride to Silverton.
Couple of segment hikers I met at the top of a climb.

And I saw my first Elk, more Moose and a lots of Marmots (though no pictures of those fat little guys – move too fast!). Though not as many animals because I was above treeline most of this section.

Moose #1
Moose #2
Wild sheep! Okay, maybe not wild. This was over 12,000 feet.
And someone ate through my pack one night.

Currently in Silverton resting and getting ready to start my last section (about 74 miles) to Durango.

Silverton, Co.
They put a blackberry in my beer. Hmmm, good.

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