An Early End.

Day 6, Feb 7

Another tough night. It rained most of the night and the temperatures dropped. We woke to trees coverd in ice and a trail that crunched when we walked. Estimating the temperature dropped into the high teens.

Ice on the trail

Emerson has had enough and has decided to call it quits at the highway crossing 11.5 miles into today’s hike.  Roberta and I are still talking about continuing one more night but as the day wears on and the cold doesn’t let up we decide to follow Emerson.

Walking through a winter wonderland of frozen pine trees is beautiful but COLD!  Forecast for tonight is even colder so we feel comfortable about our decision to end our hike today.

Cutie hitchhiking into Story, Arkansas

We got to Hwy 298 about 1:00 and began hitching (could not call Lori at the Bluebell Cafe because we had no cell coverage). Got a ride from the second car and were eating a hamburger by 1:30! Emerson joined us a couple hours later and Lori gave us a ride to Mt Ida and our hotel (Royal Oak Inn) for a hot bath and a warm bed.


One thought on “An Early End.”

  1. It looked like your food strategy was very similar for both the OT and CT. How did it work out for you? Would you change anything for your next hike?
    Thanks, Marty


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