Day 5, Tue., Feb 6

Emerson had cell coverage (he has AT&T and we have T-Mobile) so we got a weather forecast that called for rain starting in the afternoon. We started the day having completed roughly 58 miles and wanted to do another 15 miler but with the forecast elected to shorten the day to get to a trail shelter by the early afternoon, making a 12.5 mile day.

Togged out for rain!

Arrived at the shelter just before 2:00 PM and found another hiker already there. Tim is an east-bound through hiker. He gave us the scoop on the trail ahead and Mt Ida (it’s in a dry county!!!).

Bert by the fire. Tim, AKA “The Firestarter” is behind

Tim was from Fort Worth and through-hiking by himself. He said the stretch west of AR-27 was harder. Great.

Emerson in the shelter – our home for the night.

Tim built a great fire. We cooked our dinners and hung around the fire talking, watching the temperature drop and waiting for the rain. The rain started around 5:00, driving us into the shelter and into our sleeping bags for the night.

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