Ouachita Trail Summary

Team “What in the Blue Blazes” on our last morning.

Our grand plan to complete all 223 miles of the OT failed but we did hike 83 miles over 6 days over some pretty tough trail in some very cold weather. We had two nights with temperatures in the teens and we were just not prepared for temperatures that low. The cold temperatures were not a problem while hiking but made camping and sleeping brutal.

The OT showing completed portion (yellow).

With rain and more cold weather forecast for the following week we have decided to end this attempt.

We saw some beautiful country and the trail, while very rocky, was generally a great hiking trail. We definitely woud like to come back to finish the trail.

Here’s what we will do differently:

  • Come later. At least a month later in the year (March instead of February). It was just too cold.
  • Take it a bit easier – 12-14 mile days rather than 15-16 mile days.
  • Better sleeping bags (warmer!)




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