Day 4, Monday, Feb 5.

We had a bad night. The wind picked up and the temperature dropped. We awoke to frozen water bladders and an ice sheen on the pond next to our tents.

Frozen pond!
Frozen Hydration Bladder Tube

Was tough getting started but we still managed to get out by 7:30.  Our bladders did not thaw till nearly noon so no water in the morning. The sun slowly warmed things up to the 40’s (we estimate the temperature overnight in the low 20’s) and we were able to stop for lunch in the sun.

Cold morning on the trail.
Intrepid hiker crossing a stream

But the day ended well as it warmed up. We got to our camp site after a lovely walk through a sun-dappled forest and the camp site was our prettiest by far.

Tent site on day 4

All in all a good day after a terribly cold night.  Things are looking up!

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