It Gets Serious (Day 3)

Sunday, Feb 4.

We started the day early – packed up and hiking by 7:30. It is not light enough to hike much before 7:00 or so. We immediately started the day with a steep climb. The plan for today was 16.6 miles but we quickly realized it might not be possible.

The problem was that we have to at our destination  by 3:30 or 4:00 to get our camp set up, water filtered and dinner made before  it starts getting cold. Decided to go 15 miles today and modified the schedule to keep it around 15 miles. We can still get to Mt Ida in 7 days at that pace.

Day 3 Elevatin Profile

We entered the National Forest early in today’s hike. The last 10 miles we skirted private lands between the state park and the national forest.

Entering the Ouachita National Forest

We decided to camp near a pond after 15 miles (44 miles todal). Set up camp around 3:30. Emerson rolled in about 30 minutes later. Started to get cold and the wind picked up.

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