The end of the Canal de Burgogne!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 8.28.27 PMAfter 17 days, 242 kilometers, 193 locks and a 3.3 kilometer long tunnel we have completed the Canal de Burgogne.  The canal connects the Seine watershed with the Saone river. We went up (and down) 300 meters (nearly 1000 feet).

Last Lock 1 June 6
The last lock on the Canal de Burgogne, looking out at the Saone River.

We stopped briefly in St Jean-de-Losne (where the canal meets the Saone) for some much needed groceries (and another plant for the boat).

Shopping St Jean June 6
Stylish grocery shoppers in St Jean-de-Losne

We are currently tied up at Mailly-le-Port on the Saone with one other boat (we helped them tie up in the rain). The Saone is a big river and we entered it in a stiff 20-30 km/hr wind which made the last couple of locks very exciting (good job at the helm Richard!).

Bert Rain June 6
A dedicated lock rope wrangler near the end of the Canal de Burgogne

The river portion of the trip is  different than the canals. You cannot tie up anywhere – it has to be at an official anchorage (no staking off anywhere you fell like) but there are a lot fewer locks so you can go much farther in a day.  The river is much wider than the canal so it is possible to overtake especially slow boats. This is our first day on the Saone so we will have more to day later.

On the Saone June 6
Motoring up the Saone (going north)

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