Sunsets and Spades

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Biking to the Boulangerie

Our first full week of barging is over. Some highlights

  • The sunsets – the light here in the evening is absolutely gorgeous.
  • The Fosse Dionne in Tonnerre (natural spring from a cave) and the view from L’eglise St Pierre of the city.
  • Getting yelled at  (by an eclusier, lock keeper) for operating a lock without an eclusier present (“c’est interdite!!”)
  • Buying our first bottles of wine from an eclusier
  • Wine. Rose. 3.50 (Euros) a bottle.
  • Biking to the boulangerie in the morning for croissants and pain au chocolate
  • Picturesque Joigny and the bored teenagers gunning their (one) motorcycle in town.
  • The market (our first) in St Florentine where the vendor would not sell us anything without us first tasting it, listing all ingredients, and giving us specific directions on how to prepare each.
  • Learning how to play Spades and having Francis and Emilie with us for the first week.
  • The very nice gentleman in Raviere who, when he saw us looking at the closed epicerie, would not let us continue without getting a cold bottle of water from his house and giving it to us,l
Bucolic Mooring

Emilie and Francis left us in Montbard to begin their trek home (train to Paris, taxi to CDG, flight to Chicago, then Houston, then Norman). We will miss them! Looking forward to Jackie, David and Emory joining us Thursday. Montbard was a bit of a disappointment  –  we thought it was a full Locaboat base but it isn’t. Fortunately we arrived on a Saturday – the one day they usually have someone there so we were able to get a little fuel, a kids life jacket and a replacement umbrella.

Sunset in Venarey-Le-Laumes

Speaking of fuel, we now have an estimate of fuel use (~2L/Hr), which is nice because there is no fuel gauge on the boat! With the 400L tank this boat is supposed to have that gives us a range of about 200 hours (4-5 weeks or so).

Today we do our first big lock chain (Echelle de Pouillenay), 18 locks. Should be interesting, especially since we are in the middle of an unusual heat wave – high 80’s and no clouds. Fortunately it cools off at night.

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