Leaving Big Bear Lake

Spent a couple of days in Big Bear Lake hanging out with “73”, a retired continental pilot (age 73). We rented a car together to get from Ziggy and the Bear’s. I ditched the sandals I got in Idyllwild – they were giving me huge heel blisters. Bought a cheap pair of sandals and some Crocs. 

View of Big Bear Lake from the trail

Headed out of BBL on Thursday (May 12). It is now Sunday, May 15. I have covered 60 miles in four days and am currently typing this post in my tent at PCT mile 336. This will be my first post from the trail – the first time I have had decent cell coverage.

This section is a bit unusual in that there is plenty of water. The trail spends a good bit of time near sizeable rivers and passes a couple of good sized lakes.

Trail Side Creek

Silver Lake

Typical PCT Obstacle

I hit Cajon Pass in the morning, a big deal because there is a McDonalds 1/2 mile from the trail. Also a Best Western which I intend to take advantage of!

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