Ziggy and The Bear

Wandered into Ziggys (PCT mile 211) yesterday  morning (May 9) around 8:30 AM.  Took two days to go over Mount San Jacinto. Left Idyllwild on Satuday morning and elected not to go to the top because the weather was so bad. Left Idyllwild trailhead around 6500′ and climbed  to just over 9,100′. 

Hiking through snow on Mt San Jacinco

Camped at 8500′ and woke up to ice on the tent. Then  descended 7,000′ over 15 miles which was a real killer on the knees and …. YES! The blisters are back! NOOOOOO!

View coming down the north side of San Jacinto
PCT Mile 200!

Ziggy and The Bear are trail angels that live about 200 yards from the PCT. They are in their 80’s and have been hosting PCT hikers for at least 20 years. 

Ziggy (left) and The Bear checking in a hiker

They provide a solar shower, place to hand wash clothes, coffee (important!) and logistical support for hikers to get around the fire closure north of their place

Some of the amenities at Ziggy’s

Ran into another hiker (“73”) and we agreed to go in on a car rental to get to Big Bear Lake (the shuttle spots were all filled for the day). Not sure what I am going to do about he blisters… Sigh…

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