Cajon Pass (PCT 342)

Arrived at one of the most famous PCT landmarks this morning…. the McDonalds at Cajon Pass!

They even get a sign on the trail!
Some of the high quality clientele at the Cajon McDonalds

And, there is a Best Western just up the road! So, after 68 miles or so I am taking a zero day to let the sores on the top of my right foot to heal a little.

My right foot (sounds like a movie)

I am currently hiking in Crocs. This is my fourth footwear option. My last pair of sandals seemed to work okay but I was constantly stopping to get rocks and sand out and I got a blister on my heel from a rock I ignored. So I switched to the Crocs and they seem to be working.
This weeks hiking footwear solution. I have about 25 miles in these guys.
 I want to be in good shape for the hike out of here because it is a killer, 28 miles with no water, so at least 6L of water (13.2 lbs!) and it is all uphill (5500′).

The climb out of Cajon Pass

2 thoughts on “Cajon Pass (PCT 342)”

  1. Wow! It looks like you stepped in a bear claw trap with those blisters. If you come across a pharmacy, try “second skin” blister tape. Also, double socks sometimes work. The scenery you are capturing is gorgeous.


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