Leaving Idyllwild (PCT 177)

Nearing the end of my “double zero”  (two no mile-days) in Idyllwild. Plan to head out tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  Hopefully the storms will have passed by then. 

I have new shoes – hiking sandals which I am hoping will stop  blister-pocalyse. I mailed my orthotics and camp shoes home and am dropping my shoes in the hiker box.

My new shoes!

The people at Silver Pines Lodge are great. They gave me the hiker rate ($65) for all three nights even though the last night should have been at the weekend rate. They provide washer/dryer access with soap and loaner clothes so you can wash ALL your clothes (I’ve been hanging out in size 16 womens pants – kinda like ’em) and they provide a free lift to the trail!

View out my back door (my tent on the railing)

The PCT climb out of Idyllwild from the Humber Park trailhead (6500′) is the biggest climb so far. There are two options – most people take the route to San Jacinto Peak (10,833′), the highest point on the southern part of the PCT (the blue trail in the picture below).

PCT triail out of Idyllwild

This is seriously steep – 4500 feet in about 4.5 miles and there will likely be new snow. I will make the decision about the peak based on the trail/weather/snow where the trail splits.
Have enjoyed my stay in Idyllwild but it’s time to be moving on….

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