Blisters! And Warner Springs (PCT 109.5)

Okay I’ll start with the blisters. They hurt. They are everywhere on both feet. And they are multilying. I don’t really have feet anymore, I have blister support systems attached to the ends of my legs. Left Jullian early yesterday in the morning with the Tin Man and his oddly Canadian wife, Kathryn (their blog is Actually they are both Canadian and both doctors (which could come in very handy – I intend to stay close). Did 17 miles or so and camped and operated on my blisters. Today I did 7 miles or so to the first water (Barrel Springs) and after could simply not put my shoes back on. Every step was agony. So…. I hiked the 9 miles or so in my sandals. 

Jason’s new hiking shoes… (note the blister on the middle left toe)

So the afternoon hike was actually enjoyable, not agony at every step. My plan is trade off between my shoes and sandals til I get to Idylwood in three days and buy some real hiking sandals. I’d get some here (Warner Springs) but there is nothing here. Not even a restaurant.

So…Warner Springs. The nice people have opened their community center to host hikers. You can get a free shower (bucket, towel and water), some supplies and camp near some real bathrooms. There is also a rumor that they will be cooking burgers this afternoon – which I intend to verify.

Camping area at the Warner Springs Resource Center
Oh… And here is the requisite Eagle Rock pic.. 

Jason on Eagle Rock (Rose is on the left)

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