Idyllwild Update

Hobbled into the Paradise Cafe yesterday (1 mile east of where the PCT, mile 152, crosses Hwy 74), 75 miles and five days since leaving Julian.

Had one of the best burgers of my life with fellow hikers Andrew (New Mexico) and Rose (England), then hitched to Idyllwild with Kobo (Japan). Kobo said this was his first hitch so I gave him pointers (take of your sunglasses, smile, stand where a car can pull over). We were picked up by a very nice lady (Gary) driving a 20 year-old, beat-up, Toyota (after being passed by many, many, mostly empty, huge, newish SUVs and trucks – hmmm).

Currently holed up at the Silver Pine Lodge letting my blisters heal.

My home in Idlyllwild

So, after 150 trail miles, my health is holding up – no leg problems, just some stomach issues the last few days that seemed to have resolved. My only big issues are the foot blisters. My plan is to switch to hiking sandals for the next section. Checked with the outfitters in Idyllwild and they are having some Chacos send from another store. Also having Bert send my longjohns – snow expected in the next section over the next few days!
And the hiker hunger has kicked in! Ate an entire medium pizza last night.

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