Julian, CA

Spending my first “zero” day (i.e. no mileage) day in Julian. The wind has died and the sun is out. Julian is a lovely little town about 12 miles from the PCT. And it is VERY hiker friendly! From the free first beer at Carmen’s to  the free slice of pie (with ice cream AND coffee!) at Mom’s, it would be hard to find a more hiker-friendly place. 

Mom’s on the main street in Julian

Had dinner last night with a swarm of other hikers at Poncho’s (mexican food and pizza) which met all the hiker requirements for a good restaurant: large portions and not too expensive. 

General Store with the “Welcome PCT Hikers” sign

Have done all my shopping, reading email and checking the news (Cruze and Fiorina… WTF???) so I am ready to hit the trail first thing in the morning. Next stop (my planned first stop) is Warner Springs, about 33 miles or two days (hopefully) but it is a dry stretch so will be leaving with 4-5L of water.

One thought on “Julian, CA”

  1. Well done you nut !!!

    Great pics and the stormy night sounded awesome.

    Good luck and enjoy. May the weather improve for ya


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