California! 375 miles (or thereabouts) on the Oregon Coast Trail

Leaving Port Orford (day 23) we were looking at a 14 (out of 18) mile highway day so we punted. Took a cab to our next camp site (Honey Bear RV Park) and took a third rest day (after 6 days of hiking).

Leaving Honey Bear on a rainy, foggy morning (day 24) but we were re-energized after our rest day.

The ocean is that way.
Sad seeing a whale on the beach.
Hiking over a small cape on the way to Gold Beach.
Looking north at the cape we crossed over.
Cool tree stump driftwood
Home for night 24 – Turtle Rock RV – NOISY!!

Leaving Turtle Rock RV (Day 25) after a horrible night – this was our noisiest camp site – we had a long day to get to the Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor portion of the trail. Camping is not allowed all the way to Brookings so our plan was to hike ~18 miles, call a cab to Brookings, then cab out in the morning to finish the ~16 miles to Brookings on the trail.

Turtle Rock!
Cape Sebastian to the south – headed over it..
View north from the top of Cape Sebastian
The beach on the north side of the cape.
And then… 5 miles on Highway 101. No day on the OCT is complete without some 101.
Waiting for cab to Brookings.

Day 26 started with a cab and very light packs from Brookings back to where we stopped the day before. It was a very tough day in the Boardman Corridor –

close to 4,000 feet of climbing. It started foggy but cleared later.

Arch Rock

Leaving the beach…. again.

Pretty lunch spot
Cool beach cave.
The sun finally comes out!
A view north from another cape
Another pretty view coming into Brookings.

Home! Brookings hotel.

Day 27! Final day on the OCT! A short walk through town (5 miles) then on the beach for a final river wade before…. California!

Our last river crossing on highway 101
One last beach walk.
A cool beach arch.
One last river wade.
California!!! We did it!
Two happy, tired hikers/

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