Hike #5 – Red Line South – Jan 31, 2020

So I got the idea of hiking to the ends of the Metro Commuter Rail lines and then taking the train back home.  It makes a nice way to end a long walk – in air conditioned comfort! This route took me southwest along Braes Bayou then south to just outside the loop before heading east back to the terminus of Metro Red Line. This was also my second hike with my new Arc Blast 55 backpack.

Cool building along the bayou
Reliant Stadium and the old Astrodome
Urban nature
Nice hair!
The bayou underpasses are a popular place for the homeless.


Hike #4 – Rail Line North – Jan 27, 2020

Hike north to the end of the Metro line.

In 2020 I started doing some more Houston area hikes in preparation for my (aborted ) attempt on the AZT in the spring. This first one was a walk north to the end of the Metro red line (and then I took the train back – smart, right?).

Building along a railroad
Public art
Downtown near the start of the hike.
More public art
Tough place to sleep

Hike #2 – East to Houston Ship Channel – July 5, 2018

These first series of hikes in Houston were in preparation for my Colorado Trail hike in the fall of 2018. This was a one way hike east as far as I could go along the Braes Bayou trail (and a little beyond).

High water mark along Braes Bayou
Definitely not wildflower season
Herd of mattresses in East Houston
Pretty bridge along the bayout

Hike #1 – Columbia Tap Loop – July 3, 2018

Columbia Trap Trail Loop

This was my first longish hike around Houston. It was in July and very warm. This course basically circumnavigates Montrose/Midtown.  Starting in Montrose you head south the Herman Park, hook up with the Braes Bayou trail along MacGregor for a mile or so before heading north on the Columbia Tap Trail.  The CT trail loops back west heading toward downtown where it ends. You then wind through downtown to catch the Buffalo Bayou trail along Allen Parkway and then back south to complete the loop.

View of downtown from just north of U of H.
Downtown from Allen Parkway – getting ready for a festival.
Braes Bayou near Herman Park
Art in Buffalo Bayou Park



Hike #3 – Northwest Along White Oak Bayou – July 8, 2018

This was my longest hike yet in Houston – over 16 miles. The route followed the White Oak Bayou Trail to where it ends (near Fairbanks-North Houston Road). I nearly made it to the beltway (my goal) but it was hot so I stopped a bit short after 5 hours.

Early start to beat the July heat – downtown from White Oak Trail
Bridge along WO Trail

This hike basically parallels 290. Starting from Montrose I headed north till I hit the White Oak Bayou Trail and followed it to then end (just inside the beltway).

White Oak Bayou rapids!
Official trail end
Hiking past the trail end
Hollister Retention Pond