Last week on the boat … with friends (Sep 2022)

With a couple weeks to go before the start of our Camino Frances hike we had a final cruise of the season with our good friend Linda and Emerson.

We cruised to from our home port in Saint Jean-de-Losne to Dole (one of our new favorite spots) ….

…. and then on Besancon before returning. It was a nice way to finish off the cruising season.

3 thoughts on “Last week on the boat … with friends (Sep 2022)”

  1. Hello! I am planning to do something very similar to your France boating adventure, but I’m wondering about where to leave the boat when not cruising.
    I see you have a home marina, but I had hoped to cover the entire network over a number of years and leave the boat at the nearest convenient marina between cruising. I don’t think you’re allowed to leave your boat unattended at marinas though. Do you know?


    1. You can leave your boat tied off on a canal (though I would not advise this for any length of time). Almost all of the town marinas have time limits on how long you can leave a boat (and they almost all require some payment). You cannot leave your boat unattended at a marina. We like having a home base where our boat is checked on periodically since we leave it for 6-8 months at a time.

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      1. That’s incredibly useful, thank you.

        So the only place you can leave your boat unattended is your home marina, and there you can leave it for any length of time without it having to be taken out of the water?

        If so, I think that still works for me. I would pick a home marina, cruise for a month or two at a time, returning to home base between journeys. After a year or two I could then change home marina to somewhere else on the network and do the same.

        I’ve done lots of research, but this is the last piece of the puzzle before I set it all in motion.

        Thanks again, it’s this kind of information that’s so hard to get unless you have the experience.


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