Mt Toubkal – Day 2

May 11, Tacheddirt (7,600’) to Arumd (6,600’)

Day 2 Hike

Breakfast at 8:00 and on the trail by 9:00.

Hiking our of town.

Started with a road walk out of Tacheddirt and then trails/dirt roads the rest of the day heading for our mountain pass of the day.

Hiking down a very pretty river valley

The trail today is much nicer, a nice mix of mountain trails and gravel roads as we move from one mountain valley to the next.

Crossing a stream on a nice wooden bridge.
Today’s view of Toubkal… a little closer? Maybe?

We could see Toubkal a few times today and it looks bigger than ever. Arumd is a small town perched on a hill above Imlil. The place is nice but busy with hikers and noisy. We arrive about 3:30 and have our usual tea/popcorn at 5:00 and dinner (the ubiquitous veggie tagine) at 7:30. Joe is paying the price for hiking with vegetarians.  

Today’s selfie! Why are these people smiling? There’s a mountain to climb!

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