St Louis

Leaving the wilds of W. Virginia we headed back west on a long travel day to get to St Louis.  Our hotel was on the west side of St Louis, about 7 miles due west of the famous arch and right next to a huge park.

Our hotel location

Our hotel was a quirky, English-styled inn with themed rooms (we stayed in the W. H. Auden room right across from the Sherlock Holmes room).

View from boat.

Besides bagging Missouri and seeing the arch, we were in St Louis to visit our good friend Miriam who left Houston nearly 15 years ago.

We spent the afternoon of our first day with Miriam who took us on a tour of downtown St Louis. We visited the arch (but did not go inside because Covid-19) and then took a boat ride on the Mississippi (all outside).

Statue of Dred and Harriet Scott, who filed for their freedom at this courthouse in 1846.
Some guy name Pulitzer started a paper here.

We spent our last day in Forest Park, visiting the St Louis art museum (inside but there were very few people) and renting a paddle boat.

St Lous Art Museum (from the paddle boat)
Boaters. Probably in a Trump parade.

And then, because all this civilization was tiring, we headed out on the road. Next stop …. Tennessee.

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