West Virginia

Beech Fork State Park is a small state park located in far western W. Virginia. It contains the end of the long, man-made, Beech Fork Lake.

Our view, looking west (mostly).

Our camp site was right on the lake with easy access for our kayak. We were surrounded by the usual mega-motor homes but we had a pretty big spot and it was quite nice. One of our neighbors came over to talk and told Roberta that he envied our “simple setup”.

View from the kayak

I went kayaking after we got set up. Roberta saw I was having fun so she had a go also.

Saw this deer swimming in the lake near the far shore.
The REAL kayaker

The next day we hiked the only real trail in the park, the Overlook Trail. Which turned out not to have much of an overlook, but it was fun and we made a friend.

Our W. Virginia hiking buddy.

Even though we are quite a bit further south now, the evenings were quite pleasant (in the 60’s) and we had no trouble sleeping but we no longer needed wool caps in the morning.

Happy camper enjoys lousy cell service.
Sunset from our camp.

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