From the Badlands to …. Wisconsin

Fargo, ND

We left the Badlands a day earlier than we had planned because of the searing heat, stopping for a night in Watertown, SD before arriving in Fargo, ND (another state bagged!). And of course, Fargo’s claim to fame is the movie of the same name. And the star of the movie is the…. wood chipper!

The actual wood chipper from “Fargo”

The chipper is so famous they have a stunt double outside the welcome center in case you arrive when they are closed and still need that chipper shot.

So popular they need a “stunt double” wood chipper!
Fargo tourists!

We only spent a day in Fargo but discovered that it is on the state line with Minnesota. Who knew?

Brainerd, MN and The Mississippi

Tracking east from Fargo we immediately entered Minnesota and, of course, had to side track south to Brainerd for …. Paul Bunyan!

Paul Bunyan and friend.

And, surprise of surprises, we passed over the Mississippi river just a 100 miles or so from the headwaters …. she’s a lot smaller up here.

Long ways from New Orleans!
A much smaller Mississippi.

Next stop…. Wisconsin!



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