Deluxe Camping in Wisconsin

We arrived at our reserved site near Sand Bay on Lake Superior on the afternoon of Tuesday, Aug 25 for a three night stay.  This is a private campsite hosted by the land owner and it was very nice. We had our own composting toilet, cold water shower and a tent/cabin with a bed.

Our home for three nights.

We were met at the end of the paved road by Luke on an ATV. We bumped along behind him on a jeep track for 1/2 mile to our parking spot (with a view of Lake Superior). Our tent was another quarter mile 0f walking  but Luke took our coolers so we made it in one trip. 

Our little tent/cabin even had a covered patio!
Bayfield and Madeline Island

Our first full day in Wisconsin was spent exploring Bayfield, looking for a wifi hotspot so we could join Martini Night! Fortunately the Bayfield Inn had outdoor seating and decent wifi.

The sister ferry headed the other way.

With the afternoon to kill before martinis we hopped the ferry to Madeline Island (see map above, the largest of the Apostle Islands) and spent a few hours sightseeing.

Sign on a very inviting bar on Madeline Island
This was in someones backyard. It is some kind of nightmare giant moose. I think.
Welcoming committee in Bayfield. Madeline Island is in the background.

We arrived back in Bayfield in time to score a good outdoor table for our Martini Night Zoomathon. Things were going well until the thunderstorm hit and they closed the bar …. and kicked us out.


The next day (Thursday) we visited another little beach town, Cornucopia. The weather was much nicer and we ended up doing a 4 mile trail hike to a lake overlook.

After 2 miles… Lake Superior!

The hike takes you to a favorite kayaking spot with caves though we were seeing it from a different angle.

Kayaker near the caves below us.
One of the caves we could see.

After the hike we had lunch on the beach (smoked whitefish from a local shop).

On the beach near Cornucopia, WI

And swimming… or wading at least. One little boy walked up to the water, put his foot in and told his mother “’s so warm!” Warm being 60 degrees.  But you can sit out without melting in the sun.

Our final Wisconsin sunset….

We awoke the next morning, after that beautiful sunny day, to a pouring rain. We got totally soaked packing up the car. Hopefully the weather will be better in Michigan!

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