Kayak #7, Buffalo Bayou, May 23, 2020

The only kayak-able  part of Buffalo Bayou I had not done was a 5 mile  section from the West Belt to Briarbend Park. This turned out to be a surprisingly fun little section with several small rapids and cool animal sitings.

Put-in spot under the West Belt
No idea…

I biked to Briarbend Park,  left my bike and hiked out to the West Belt. There is a pretty good put-in spot under the freeway (i.e. no mud, no brambles).

Cool tree #1
So that’s where the storm drains go…
Cool tree #2
And, just in case you forgot you are in the city.
Harvey damage? Clearly someone had a bad day.

I saw lots of birds and the largest turtle I have ever seen – it’s shell was at least 3 feet across. And a very large fish – at least 3 feet long –  surfaced next to my boat. The bayou is teeming with fish.

And flying

The pullout point is just past some rapids which made for an exciting exit.

Pull-out spot.

And it is important to hit this pull-out as the next one is 3-4 miles downstream.

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