OT: The Detailed Plan

Here is our current hike plan, which has us averaging 15-16 miles a day for two weeks with one zero day (Feb 9)  and one nero day (Feb 14, 6.9 miles).


After doing 800 odd miles of the PCT in souther California (especially during the 2015 drought year) I am a bit paranoid about water. Thru-hiker resources for the OT are primitive (compared to the PCT) and the water info is a good example. The FOT website has a water report ( http://www.friendsot.org/index_htm_files/OT_Water_Sources-rev_2016-12-12.pdf ) but it is not updated very often (the report date says it was last updated in January of 2017!) unlike the PCT water report which is dynamic and updated almost daily, allowing hikers to post new info as they experience the trail. The FOT website suggests stashing water at certain places, which is fine for a 2-4 day section hike but really is impractical for a thru hike.   The plan has a few places where water could be a problem and we will just have to be careful.


We plan on using the GutHook navigation app on an iPhone as our principal navigation aid. I used it on the PCT and never looked at the paper maps I had   brought. The trail is supposed to be well blazed (at least for most sections) so keeping to the trail should not be a problem. Of course we will have a compass and electronic maps for backup.

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